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January Screenings


RIPPER: At The Hands Of Darkness has had a great run in January. The short film was the first in a new slasher series by Legio-Centurion Films. It brings back the character of the Red Ripper from an early film shot back in 2011. This new series is separate from that early production and is an effort to build a new universe of horror to explore.

The film was completed in late 2016 and by January 2017 had its first screening at Westside Shorts in WIlliamstown where it was meet with great enthusiasm. It was well received and enjoyed as a terrific piece of entertainment. The film played alongside a host of films ranging from comedy to message-driven pieces. Westside Shorts was held at its now traditional venue, Williamstown's Custom House.

The second screening was at Boogie Nights Indie Film Screenings on the 25th of January where it was again well received and much enjoyed by the audience. Here was a night of great emerging artists with great effort going into many of the films on display that night. The films were accompanied at both screenings with Q&A's with the directors and cast.

At The Hands of Darkness has been submitted to several film festivals overseas. As of yet, there's been no word from those festivals but the latest short film from Mark P Sinoziuc has had a great start to its public life and more screenings are sure to follow.

3 New Short Films This Year

Legio-Centurion Films has three additional short films slated for production this year. It's an ambitious goal to punch out three but despite the challenges, it is hoped the films will not only match but exceed the high quality that has become part of the latest few productions. It's early days yet for detailed discussion of these projects but we can take a brief look at them.

The first is called Bar Love and is at this stage a follow up to the film Laura, making a trilogy of films beginning with Broken Bridges and continuing in Laura. Bar Love looks at the character of Kat and her growing destructive emotional tendencies.

The second short film slated for production is called Sister and introduces a new disturbed character alongside the Red Ripper, Sister Mary Angelica. Dedicated to the Faith, Sister Mary has a fragile mental state and on one particular night she encounters a poisonous personality with a joy for torment.

The third film for this year is called Dead O'Clock and is another exploited for deranged serial killer, the Red Ripper. Plot details are unconfirmed at this stage but more will be finalised in coming months. 

Watch this space for more info on these projects as well as our main project this year, RIPPER: In The Hands Of The Powerful.

DVD Releases

Four of Legio-Centurion Films latest productions will soon be coming to DVD. The titles being released are: Broken Bridges, The Longest Road, Laura and RIPPER: At The Hands Of Darkness. No word yet on the special features but there will be some trailers and a photo gallery. Most likely there will be cast and crew interviews or a special documentary about the films and the evolution of Imperial Conquest Industries and her film and entertainment division, Legio-Centurion Films. No date has yet been set but keep an eye out for that! DVD's will be priced at $10 and most likely will be available for online purchase via this website.

Coming Soon!

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