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Created By: Mark P Sinozic

Producer:  Mark P Sinozic

Genre:  Pop Culture

Host Mark P Sinozic takes you on a tour of the best and his personal favourite aspects of sci-fi pop culture. 

The webseries has seven episodes in total. It kicks off with a look at a classic 80's mini series called Noble House. From there, episodes dive into the worlds of science fiction looking at the worlds of Star Trek and the great range of starships. We review season 1 of Babylon 5. There is a review of an Australian sci-fi epic called Occupation and then return to the worlds of Star Trek by looking at the very first film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Check out those episodes below!

Episode 106 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Episode 104 - Aussie Sci-Fi Occupation
Episode 105 - Babylon 5 Season 1
Episode 103 - Star Trek/Top 10 Trek Starships
Episode 102 - Star Trek/Infinity War
Premiere Episode
Episode 101 - Mini Series: Noble House
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