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Created By: Mark P Sinozic

Producer:  Mark P Sinozic

Genre:  Pop Culture Unboxing

Host Mark P Sinozic unboxes statues, great Star Trek space stations and games. 

With six stand alone episodes, Unbox'd starts with a look at a detailed Skeletor bust that can sit proudly on anyone's desk. Following that we look at one of the re-released gaming consoles from the 70's/80's before unboxing three epic Star Trek space stations. Finally, a gaming kit for DnD players, the 3D map set up from Warlock. This series was shot in the Pop Lounge, where you can see a range of great sci-fi, fantasy and horror volumes lining the hosts great bookcases.

Check out those episodes and more below!

Episode V - Earth Spacedock
Episode VI - Warlock Dungeon Tiles 1
Episode IV - Deep Space Station K-7
Episode III - Deep Space 9
Episode I - Skeletor Bust
Episode II - Atari Flashback 9 Gold
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