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Created By: Daniel Jablan

Producer:  Mark P Sinozic

Genre:  Console Gaming

The Gamer Down Under takes you on a tour of the best and his personal favourite aspects of anything and everything game related. 

The webseries has seven episodes in total. It kicked off with a mega three-part event detailing the creation of an original NES Controller Table. The process took a long time to complete but the results are truly stunning and each step is outlined for the audience to recreate at home if they wish! Episode four is now live and displayed below. Our latest episode is an unboxing of the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Special Edition. This will be followed by a top ten list of Nintendo 64 games.

Check out those episodes and more below!

Episode 07 - Game Room Transformation
Episode 05 - Custom Arcade Special
Episode 06 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Unboxing
Episode 04 - Breath of the Wild Unboxing
Episode 03 - NES Controller Table Part 3
Episode 01 - NES Controller Table Part 1
Episode 02 - NES Controller Table Part 2
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