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Among our many projects, Legio-Centurion Films is dedicated to independent programming. Here you will a growing list of projects and webseries that we have produced. We are interested in a variety of fiction and non-fiction topics. We hope you will enjoy the following productions.

Short Films

Here are Legio-Centurion Films latest short films, a prime example of the excellence in quality entertainment that we are always striving towards.


Cinetastique is a webseries that returns to the films and cinema scene. Hosted by Mark P Sinozic in the Sci-Trek Den. 


Unbox'd is a webseries that unboxes epic statues and special edition games. Hosted by Mark P Sinozic in the Pop Lounge. 

Legion Logs

Legion Logs is a webseries that dives into film and pop culture with host Mark P Sinozic and filmed in the Black Set.

The Gamer Down Under

The Gamer Down Under is a webseries that takes you into the world of video games with the Gamer Down Under's extensive knowledge and passion for console classics and gaming memorabilia. 

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