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Created By: Mark P Sinozic

Producer:  Mark P Sinozic

Genre:  Cinema

Cinetastique takes a look at the world of cinema, the latest films coming out of Australia and abroad and at related pop culture. 


Cinetastique looks at two much anticipated films coming out of Hollywood, the Flash and The Batman. Then we have a major unboxing, four classic Transformers pops. So if you're a fan of pops and the classic eightie's cartoon then you'll love episode II. Episode III brings us to the long delayed Denis Villeneuve's DUNE. Fans are chomping at the bit to finally see what many hope will be the definitive version of this epic and incredible science fiction story. The latest episode is a top ten of films we're looking forward to this year and beyond.

Check out those episodes and more below!

Episode IV - Top Ten Films of 2021 and Beyond
Episode III - DUNE Preview
Episode I - Premiere Episode
Episode II - Transformer Unboxing
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